Forum brings awareness to domestic violence resources in Guilford County

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A local community group held a spotlight on domestic violence in a forum Monday evening, bringing awareness to the issue and the resources available.

More than 20 people packed the inside of the Oakview Recreation Center to learn about the available resources for domestic violence victims. The Oakview Citizens Council partnered with the Family Justice Center and presented during the forum. Their goal is to make sure the community knows they are resources to help victims get through domestic-related situations.

The Family Justice Centers works with a variety of organizations and agencies, like police departments, the district’s attorney office and non-profits, to educate and provide safety to domestic violence victims.

“There are a lot of indicators in our community that say that a one-stop shop with all of those resources in one place is a way better help community members but it’s also a way to help us work as a partnership in solving some of these challenges,” said Catherine Johnson, the director of the Guilford County Justice Center.

People in attendance had a chance to speak with the members on the forum about ways they can get domestic violence victims to come forward.

This is the second year the Oakview Citizens Council held this type of event. The president of the group wants the community to know there are available resources provided in the city and county.

“Last year from January to May there were 1500 calls for police service involving domestic violence and there have been several murders and that’s not acceptable,” said Jim Bronnert, the president and founder of the Oakview Citizens Council.

Domestic violence victims can seek help at the Family Justice Center in High Point and Greensboro. They can also call their number at 336-641-SAFE.

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