Forsyth County deputies reviewing use of force during incident at Cook’s Flea Market


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office says officials are reviewing the use of force during an incident that was filmed at Cook’s Flea Market and has since been circulating on social media.

Cook’s Flea Market released the following statement to FOX8:

“On Saturday, June 27th, an individual at the flea market was asked repeatedly to comply with the statewide order making mask-wearing mandatory in public. After verbally refusing to put on a mask, the individual was asked by management multiple times to leave the property. When the individual declined to leave, a deputy sheriff providing security at the market was called to escort the individual to their vehicle and was subsequently charged with Trespassing and Resisting a Public Officer.”

A deputy was working an extra duty assignment at Cook’s Flea Market, which regularly employees deputies for security, according to the FCSO.

On Saturday afternoon, staff asked the person seen in the video to leave the flea market. They then asked the deputy to escort him to his vehicle.  

Deputies say the person declined to leave, and the deputy again asked him to leave. He refused to leave even after multiple requests and then resisted arrest, deputies say.

The person was charged with trespassing  and resisting a public officer.

The FCSO says the deputies role was the same as it is every time a deputy works at the flea market: to provide security to the flea market, including when the business management requests someone to leave, and to ensure they vacate the premises without undue delay. 

As with every incident that involves a use of force, supervision will review the incident in its entirety to ensure the deputy acted appropriately given the scope of the situation, according to the FCSO.

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