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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — You may know Chris Wilcox from his career in the NBA, but these days you can find him at his office in Raleigh where he runs Wilcox Distribution, a company that distributes masks, hand sanitizer, and supplies to fight the pandemic.

The CDC recently updated its guidance to say coronavirus can spread through the air, but some researchers have said that for months.

It’s why one group of scientists developed an air filtering system they say kills the virus in less than one second, and they chose Wilcox’s company to distribute it.

“We were just trying to figure out some different ways to get out into the community to help save lives,” explained Wilcox.

His company will also distribute an air filtering system known as IVP Air.

Researchers who developed it say it uses heat to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 in less than a second.

“The airborne transmission can be reduced by reducing the amount of virus in the air thereby reducing the COVID-19 spread,” explained one of the system’s inventors, Dr. Faisal Cheema, with the University of Houston College of Medicine.

Cheema emphasized the air filtering device is not designed to replace masks or social distancing, but to be used as an additional tool to help prevent the virus’s spread.

Cheema said the filters are currently being used in schools in Texas and Florida, as well as in medical facilities.

Wilcox said he’s already had interest from schools and hotels. He hopes devices like these along with personal protective equipment can help people stay safe.

He also said he wants to work with banks to help some of the organizations that want these systems to secure financing.

“We’re struggling right now as a country,” he said, adding, “We all have to get on board and fight this thing together.”