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Dressing up and getting candy is what makes Halloween so fun.

Oct. 31 is right around the corner, and Page Stroud of Sociably Yours is joining FOX8 to share some recipes perfect for the spooky season.

Yummy Mummy Dipped Strawberries 


  • Strawberries
  • White chocolate melts
  • Edible candy eyes
  • Piping bag Lined cookie sheet


  • Melt the white chocolate and fully coat the strawberries
  • Place your chocolate-coated strawberries on the lined cookie sheet
  • add the edible candy eyes
  • Put them in the fridge to set for a few minutes
  • While they are setting, scoop the rest of the melted white chocolate into the piping bag
  • Cut the tip of the bag so that small lines of white chocolate come out
  • Grab your chocolate-coated strawberries from the fridge and drizzle the white chocolate backwards and forwards to create the mummy bandage effect.
  • Place them back in the fridge for about ten minutes and enjoy

Monster Eyeball Cake Pops


  • Doughnut holes
  • Green candy melt
  • Green sprinkles
  • Black and white straw
  • Edible candy eyes


  • Dip doughnut holes in the green candy melts
  • Add green sprinkles on top and an edible candy eye in the center
  • Stick a straw in the middle and enjoy

Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board Display all your favorite candy charcuterie style using your on your favorite board. Don’t have a board? A large serving bowl will work well too. 

Boo Brew-this signature drink with “worm” garnishments will be more of a delight than a fright. 


For the Ice Cubes: Two packages of gummy worms and one 32-ounce container of cranberry juice.

For the Punch: Five ounces of purple fruit punch (Kool-Aid or Hawaiian Punch), one ounce of pineapple juice and one ounce of ginger ale.

Pall the punch ingredients together, stir and serve.