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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A Piedmont chef puts pickles in everything from pickle beer to pickle soup. 

Niki Farington works as a chef at Willow’s Bistro in Winston-Salem. In her spare time, she runs a pickle factory on Main Street in Pilot Mountain. 

She started making pickles 15 years ago when she worked in a deli. People liked them so much she decided to jar and sell them. 

Now, she and her five part-time employees make a thousand gallons of pickles a week using a half a ton of produce. 

Farington sells Niki’s Pickles at the Winston-Salem Cobblestone Market and a variety of local restaurants. She also uses them in her recipes at Willow’s adding them to a dozen different dishes. 

FOX8 Foodie Shannon Smith stopped by for a taste test.