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Five months after the first case of coronavirus was diagnosed in the US, the nation is facing its highest number of infections, and a handful of states are posting their largest single day numbers. 

On Friday, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Tennessee and Utah recorded their highest single day coronavirus infection numbers since the pandemic began. 

And on Saturday, Florida reported 9,585 new cases, topping the previous record set the day before. 

Now Mayor Carlos Gimenez in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is announcing the closure of several popular beaches for the Fourth of July weekend. 

“We expected huge crowds to be at the beach. It would have been very hard for us to control our social distancing and having people abide by the rules…we don’t want a spike on top of a spike,” Gimenez said. 

Nationwide, 32, states saw surges in case numbers over the past seven days. 

This has pushed 11 states to make the tough decision to pause or roll back their reopening. 

“If I could go back and redo anything, it would probably be to slow down the reopening of bars…people go to bars to get close and to drink and to socialize. And that’s the kind of thing that stokes the spread of the coronavirus,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

And according to a new antibody surgery by the CDC, the actual number of those infected could be six to 24 times greater than previously thought. 

Medical experts say they aren’t surprised. 

“We’re still at a point where we’re not able to get tests to every single person that we would like to in our emergency departments around the country,” said Dr. Cedric Dark, assistant professor with Baylor College of Medicine.