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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The family of Malik Ramirez stood around a pool at the Greensboro Aquatic Center capturing each moment of the swim class on their cell phones.

“It’s awesome. It is. It’s awesome,” said Barbara Townsend, Ramirez’s mother.

The swim class was created in her son’s honor.

Ramirez drowned at Buffalo Lake in May.

The Page High School student was 15 when he died.

Since his death, the school has partnered with the Greensboro Aquatic Center to make sure his classmates are learning to swim.

Ramirez’s mother, grandmother and aunt were proud to congratulate the first graduates of the Malik Ramirez- Page High School Learn to Swim program.

“It was really shocking to me because I wasn’t expecting as many kids to be out here swimming…,” said Rosita Townsend, Ramirez’s grandmother.

“Every time we’re invited to something, it makes us feel even better,” said Lucille Jones, Ramirez’s aunt.

Page High School has received enough donations to hosts approximately 25 students per session.

Two additional sessions are planned over the next four weeks.

Page High School is still accepting donations to cover the costs for more students.