Feces mailed to a child via iPoopYou.com

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WOODLAND, Wash. — A young girl in Washington State was the victim of a dirty trick last week.

Someone sent the 8-year-old a package of animal poop.

Oddly enough, there are some companies that specialize in these sort of deliveries.

When Jamie Villanueva’s daughter opened the package, she thought someone sent her chocolate ice cream.

“And when I saw it, my heart just sunk,” Villanueva said.

Her worst suspicious however, turned out to be true.

“So I opened it and inside it has feces,” Villanueva said. “A container of feces.”

The container came with a calling card from a company called “I Poop You.” According to its website it specializes in packaging and delivering animal waste as a joke.

“I get it. I have a sense of humor. I think it’s very clever of the company,” Villanueva said. “But it’s really inappropriate with children.”

She said her daughter has been bullied by an adult before. The adult used to write nasty things about her on the sidewalk across the street.

“The bullying stopped when the person moved, but now I think they just kind of found a service like this that gives them an anonymous way to continue that harassment,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva doesn’t know if it’s the same person but said she couldn’t think of anyone else who would send that kind of package to her daughter.

The company’s terms of use clearly state its products should not be used to harass or embarrass someone.

“I mean it’s clearly to her,” Villanueva said. “It wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t supposed to be to me or my husband.”

There are several websites that offer poop delivery and there doesn’t seem to be any specific law against it.

Villanueva said that needs to change to protect children.

“As a child you should be protected against this kind of thing, and it’s just absolutely unacceptable that a minor can be harassed in this manner,” she said.

Villanueva is currently exploring her legal options.

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