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HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. – A family is mourning the loss of their pet dog after the husky was killed by an alligator.

The Island Packet reported that it happened after “Kodah” got away from his owners recently near a neighborhood lagoon on Hilton Head Island.

The dog’s body was pulled from the water earlier this month. Teeth marks indicate that an alligator grabbed the dog’s head and pulled him into the water.

The incident happened after the dog slipped away from home without a leash on.

“I know that gators are gators and we are infringing on their territory,” said owner Ron Julseth, according to the paper. “But we lost Kodah less than 100 yards from the house. It is very distressing for me. He was part of the family, your best buddy.”

Beth Ann Julseth, Ron’s wife, described Kodah as a “very peaceful, soulful animal.”

“He was a lap dog,” she said. “He wouldn’t harm a flea. I’m still recuperating emotionally.”

The family has said they want the alligator to be removed, but that has not happened as of Friday, according to the paper.