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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A warning from the mother of a bride-to-be in the Piedmont Triad.

Annette Galeas says her daughter’s bridesmaids ordered their dresses in August from Patina Prom and Bridal in Greensboro.

The wedding is in three weeks and the dresses are nowhere to be found, along with the owner of the bridal shop.

Documents show Carla Grant has owned Patina Prom and Bridal since May 2016.

The Galeas family says Grant told them the bridesmaids dresses would be ready in October. When the bride checked back on the status of the order, she learned the storefront at 1622 Stanley Road shut down the same month they paid for the dresses.

Galeas says they asked Grant if there would be any problems following the closure. She assured them there would not and the dresses would be ready in December.

The last time the Galeas family heard from Grant was in November.

“We did our end of the deal. We brought our girls in, we paid the money in full, like I expect that we would get what we paid for and to not get that it’s shocking to me. It’s shocking to me that she won’t respond. I’ve never dealt with anything before,” said Linda Rodriguez, the bride’s aunt.

There are 12 bridesmaids and each dress cost $180, putting them over $2,000 in the hole.

Now they are hoping they can pull off a miracle in the next three weeks.

“I hope a miracle happens for Christmas because it’s only three weeks away, and really I believe in miracles and miracles come through people and I know it’s going to happen,” said Galeas.

Grant did rent another space at a shopping complex at 4401 W. Wendover Ave. The landlord tells FOX8 she started renting in October and has not paid rent for November or December. The landlord has also not heard from Grant.

We did reach out to Grant for comment and never heard back.