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Chris and Jennifer Little are loading up their van once again.

“The blue tub should go in first,” Jennifer told her older son, Ben, as he carried it out to the car.

“We are putting a lot on this trip,” Jennifer said.

A lot of hope and faith. For more than three-and-a-half years, their search for healing for their daughter Caitlin has produced next to nothing. 

Yes, Caitlin has regained some weight and looks more like herself, and much of her engaging personality is coming back but not her memory.

If you’ve been following this story, you know Caitlin has had anterograde amnesia since a cross country teammate accidentally bumped heads with her in October of 2017. 

Since that moment, Caitlin has relatively a normal memory of everything that happened before but none since.

The Littles are optimistic about stem cell treatments they’ve been doing. Twice, they’ve driven the family out to South Dakota to have those treatments at a specialty institute.

What has Jennifer so excited now, though, is what she believes a neurologic chiropractor can do for Caitlin.

But she’s been excited about possible treatments before and later been disappointed in the results, so she’s reticent about getting too excited. Although, it’s her and Chris’ job to keep the family’s spirits up.

“So how do you do that? How do you balance that you want to have positive energy?” Jennifer said. “You want to hope, but you’re scared of the heartbreak that you just finished trying to rebuild from. It’s actually Caitlin that has taught our family:  you make the best of whatever today has and then you push for tomorrow.”

Hear from the doctor himself about why he is so optimistic that he can help Caitlin in this edition of Caitlin Can’t Remember.