Family looking for answers after Greensboro officer shoots beloved dog 4 times

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The owner of a dog is looking for answers as her pet recovers from gunshot wounds.

A Greensboro police officer responded to an aggressive animal call, pulled his gun and shot the animal Sunday morning.

The dog’s name is Apollo, and he is expected to live.

The Harrell family considers their pitbull Apollo a strong dog.

“He’s pretty tough he’s amazing,” said Sandy Harrell, the mother of the dog’s owner.

He needed every bit of that strength to survive after he escaped from his gate at their Greensboro home Sunday morning.

“I was told the neighbor, who does not like pit bulls, called the police. When the police came out, they shot him,” Harrell said.

According to police, the dog charged the officer on Chaucer Drive, and the officer fired multiple shots.

The family doesn’t believe their dog was being aggressive.

“The bullet holes are not consistent with that story,” Harrell said. “They’re all from the backside as if he were running away.”

The owner says Apollo was hit four times.

“He’s doing great,” Harrell said. “Luckily none of the bullets hit any major organs. One did come close to the spleen, but he’s doing great. He’s alert. He’s going to make it. He should be able to go home this evening. He’s been hospitalized overnight.”

Greensboro police are doing an internal investigation into the officer’s use of force.

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