FAA says ‘UFO’ that crashed through Florida man’s roof not from plane

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPTV) — An unidentified metal object smashed through the ceiling of Bill Hardy’s home Thursday, landing in the center of his bathroom.

“The hole is there, you saw it. I mean you saw the damage. So whatever it is, it came from the sky,” said Hardy.

On Tuesday morning, the FAA showed up at the scene and later determined whatever crashed through the ceiling is not from a plane.

“I don’t know, it’s still a mystery,” said Hardy.

After the situation started making rounds all over the internet and on television news stations, construction workers from around the country started weighing in on what the object could be that zoomed into the home.

Most pointed out that the piece of metal most likely came from an industrial grinder.

“You could kill somebody with that instantly. I mean this is a beast,” said Robert Carter Jr. of RKC Construction in Loxahatchee.

Carter thinks the object is actually a tooth from the grinder. He suspects it is from a “tub grinder.”

Unlike a horizontal grinder that many construction firms use, the “tub grinder” loads from the top and is open to the sky according to Carter.

“These things will go over a mile,” said Carter. “When they’re thrown out of a machine, a piece of steel hits it and it’ll fly.”

Right around the corner from the home where Hardy lives is a new construction site.

There was not a “tub grinder” at the site, but there was plenty of fresh mulch sitting in giant piles.

The company which is developing the land has not returned calls for comment.

Hardy said the situation goes beyond the damage to his home. He feels that someone needs to be held responsible for what happened.

“I mean whether it was inside the house or outside, that heavy piece of metal went up in the air,” said Hardy. “What goes up, comes down and it could have actually killed somebody.”

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