Extremely premature baby fighting for life

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DECATUR, Ga. -- A mother is holding on to hope after her baby was born extremely premature, weighing in at less than 13 ounces, WAGA reports.

Jemarius Jachin Harbor arrived just over a  week ago on Dec. 20 at a hospital in Georgia.

He was born 21 weeks young.

Now doctors in the NICU are doing everything they can to make sure he has a fighting chance at survival.

“I had just 21 weeks at 12 o’clock. 12:12 I had him. He’s actually has a fighting chance. That’s my miracle baby,” said Jessica McPherson, his mother.

When she was in labor, she and her fiance, Jemarius Harbor Sr., asked the doctors and hospital officials to try the hardest to save their baby.

“We looked at each other in the eye and I told him just give it a try. I just want you to try as long as you try. That’s all that matters to me. Don’t just up and say that you can’t do it. Just ‘cause you haven’t done it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done,” McPherson said.

“At 22 weeks, some are surviving, but 21 weeks is a very rarity. It would be short of a miracle,” said Gina Phillips, Director of Medical Services, with Pregnancy Aid Clinics, which helps at-risk mothers.

She says that babies born at 21 weeks typically only have a 4% survival rate, but a 21-week-old baby was born in Europe without any complications who is several years old now.

“If this child can make it, maybe my child can make it as well,” McPherson said.

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