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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Social media experts suggest that you think twice before posting political views on sites like Facebook.

“You’re not going to change someone’s political beliefs through a Facebook post,” said Scott Dickson with Dickson Interactive, a website and social networking consultant company, in Winston-Salem. 

“Most of the discussions that I see online are not intelligent discussions. They are a lot of bashing and hatred and intolerance,” said the consultant.

Dickson has written about the subject laying out the top reasons on his blog for why you shouldn’t post about politics.

“If you interact with the public at all then it’s my opinion just keep quiet about these kinds of things let your vote be your voice,” said Dickson. 

Dickson says sites like Facebook are for people to have fun with friend’s not political debates.  He suggest if you want to talk politics do it face-to-face, but if you want to do it from your computer choose the right forum. 

“If you are bound and determined to discuss politics online then go to a political blog or a forum to have your political discussion online,” said Dickson.

To view Dickson’s blog visit: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Post About Politics On Facebook