Exonerated NC man seeks compensation for wrongful imprisonment


Michael Alan Parker speaks with WLOS-TV. (Image: WLOS-TV via NDN)

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HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. – A North Carolina man is free after spending more than two decades wrongfully imprisoned.

WLOS-TV reported that Michael Alan Parker now hopes the state will compensate him for wrongful incarceration.

A Charlotte attorney will soon file a petition for a pardon from Governor Pat McCrory, which could lead to a check for all those years in prison.

“You know I haven’t received anything. Not even an apology for the 22 years taken from me,” Parker said, according to WLOS-TV. “I do feel I’m entitled because I did not commit a crime. The crime itself never happened.”

The 57-year-old former Henderson County man said he is currently living with his brother and looking for work.

Parker was sentenced to eight life sentenced in 1994. He was imprisoned for allegedly abusing his three children during what prosecutors called satanic rituals.

He was released in August after a judge questioned the medical evidence and found that the child testimony against him to be coerced by their mother.

Wrongful conviction compensation in North Carolina can add up to $50,000 per year spent in prison, with a maximum of $750,000.

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