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A former counselor at a New York day camp made some gruesome admissions in court Thursday, according to Newsday.

He told a judge that he tied up a then-9-year-old boy to a bed and sexually abused him while another counselor video-recorded it.

David Greenberg, 37, pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal sexual act and possessing a sexual performance by a child. He will be sentenced in October to 25 years in prison.

Also sentenced was Greenberg’s friend and co-counselor Keith Meyn. He will serve 15 years in prison for use of a child in a sexual performance.

Assistant District Attorney John Cortes called their acts “shocking and horrific.”

Greenberg is already serving 25 to 35 years in North Carolina, where he had committed sex and child pornography crimes involving others as well, Cortes told Newsday.

At the camp, he said he took sexually explicit photographs of the boys and kept the pictures on a computer.

He also admitted having sex with Meyn while watching a video of underage boys engaged in sexual activity. Greenberg initially balked at admitting that until Cortes said he would “prefer not to have to play the video” they used in open court, but would if he had to.

Another time, Greenberg said he and Meyn gave underage boys alcohol in a vehicle, and then recorded them exposing themselves.

Greenberg said the boy he abused was a family friend and sometimes he would baby-sit him. From the time the boy was 8 to 11 years old, Greenberg engaged in what Cortes called “chronic sexual abuse of the child,” sometimes in front of Meyn.

Meyn declined to speak when he was sentenced.

His attorney, Donald Mates Jr. of Hauppauge, said he planned to appeal the sentence as “unduly harsh for his minimal involvement in what is a horrific act.”

Another Kenwal counselor, Jay Marcello, 25, of Wantagh, has charges pending of touching campers inappropriately and disseminating indecent material to them.