(WGHP) — TMZ is reporting that talk show host Jerry Springer has died.

Springer rose to fame as a controversial, influential figure in daytime television. He hosted the hit syndicated talk show “The Jerry Springer Show” for nearly 30 years.

“It was never a boring moment on the raucous and wild show,” TMZ writes, which was famed for fights the crowds’ iconic chant of “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!”

Springer had been diagnosed with cancer recently and died in his Chicago home.

Before his time in television, Springer was a politician who ran a failed campaign for U.S. Congress in 1970. He was elected to Cincinnati’s City Council in 1971, and he became the city’s mayor in 1977 for one term.

Beginning in 1991, Jerry Springer’s show went off the air in 2018 and was a huge rating smash throughout the 90s.

Most recently, he appeared on The Masked Singer.