(WGHP) — A man known for his voice has died, TMZ is reporting.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that voice actor and comedian Johnny Hardwick, known best for chain-smoking conspiracy theorist Dale Gribble on the long-running animated show “King of the Hill,” has died.

He was found dead in his Texas home after a welfare check, according to the report.

Hardwick got his start as a standup comedian in the early 1990s, which his television debut on “The Jon Stewart Show” prior to his most beloved role as the oblivious, hat-wearing Dale Gribble on Mike Judge’s animated show “King of the Hill.”

Hardwick was in all but one of King of the Hill’s 259 episodes and was slated to reprise his role as Dale in the new revival show, though it’s unclear where in production the show was.

Hardwick was 59.