(WGHP) — For weeks, turning into months, the Twitter landscape has been awash in trending topics you might not have understood.

Calls for “#RenewOurFlagMeansDeath” have been trending on Twitter since the first season of HBOMax’s original show, helmed by David Jenkins and executive produced by Academy Award winner Taika Waititi, wrapped up on March 24.

“Our Flag Means Death” is a 10-episode romantic comedy following a fictionalized version of the real-life pirate, Stede Bonnet, (played by New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby) called “The Gentleman Pirate,” on his adventures in piracy, including his relationship with Edward “Blackbeard” Teach (played by Waititi.)

The show gained a huge following for its warm, funny tone and inclusive, diverse characters, including non-binary pirate Jim, played by non-binary actor Vico Ortiz, and portraying the relationship between Blackbeard and Bonnet as a romantic one.

Since the final episodes premiered, the fans of the show have been waiting for a renewal decision. The show has remained one of the most in-demand streaming show for over two months, regularly trending on social media as fans share art, their hopes for renewal and hundreds upon hundreds of cakes.

June 1 marks the beginning of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and HBOMax announced that they would be renewing “Our Flag Means Death” for a second season.

“We are so happy to bring this truly one-of-a-kind series back! We congratulate David, Taika, Rhys and the entire talented cast and crew, and thank the show’s fans for embracing it wholeheartedly,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of HBOMax’s Original Content.

Show creator David Jenkins said: “We felt the show was special while we were making it, but fans’ open-armed embrace of the inhabitants of the Revenge makes heading into a second season all the more sweet. Thanks to our team at HBO Max, our invested executive producers, and our wildly enthusiastic audience for making another voyage to this world possible.”