(WGHP) — Vlogbrothers co-host and SciShow founder Hank Green revealed Friday that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

“Good news, bad news,” he said in an announcement on his YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers, which he shares with his brother, author John Green. “One, it’s cancer. It’s called lymphoma. It’s a cancer of the lymphatic system. And, good news, it’s something called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It’s the most treatable, one of the most treatable cancers.”

NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 17: John and Hank Green attend the 3rd Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala on November 17, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Save the Children)

Hank Green is most known for his work as a science communicator and the network of online communities he’s helped to create, in some cases alongside his brother. Vlogbrothers started in 2007. In each episode, either Hank or John Green—though both do appear together on special occasions—shares stories, updates and their interests in videos addressed to each other. Each episode usually stays under four minutes long, unless the subject matter warrants a longer discussion.

Hank Green’s announcement certainly qualified, and, in a video running over 12 minutes long, he talked about his diagnosis and how he expects it will impact his biggest projects, such as Vlogbrothers. All in all, as many of his fans would expect, Hank Green maintained a positive attitude in his video.

“I said this to you already John, I said, ‘This is the best time so far in human history to get lymphoma,’ which is a very Hank Green thought, and then you gave me a very John Green thought and said, ‘Well, a year from now would’ve been better,'” Hank Green said.

The host explained that the path to diagnosis began when he noticed his lymph nodes looked “big.”

“I talked to my doctor. She said, ‘It’s probably nothing. We’ll send you in for an ultrasound.’ Got an ultrasound. The tech in the ultrasound room was like, I’m going to go get a doctor.’ That’s not what you want to have happen,” Hank Green said.

He said that the doctor told him the ultrasound showed signs of possible lymphoma and he underwent a biopsy before his diagnosis was confirmed. While he says it appears likely that they caught it early, he is currently waiting on a scan for confirmation.

He is currently experiencing no symptoms but will be undergoing chemotherapy “very soon.” He expects chemotherapy to continue for no less than four months.

“I feel stressed is my main symptom,” he said with a laugh.

At this point, the host said he does not yet know how this may impact some of his largest projects, including Vlogbrothers, his and John Green’s podcast Dear Hank & John, SciShow and the SciShow podcast Tangents.

“I know that I’m going to feel like garbage,” he said. “It’s going to be really unpleasant.”

Hank Green said that while he cannot promise that he will be able to continue with his main projects, he hopes to be able to keep in contact with the public through the Vlogbrothers newsletter.

“Knowing me, I’m going to still find joy in creating and communicating with people if I can, and the easiest, lowest lift way of doing that is probably going to be writing something down and putting it in a newsletter, and so if I still want that, but I’m not feeling up to making videos and podcasts, that would be a nice thing to be able to have,” he said.

While he begins treatment and continues to process his diagnosis, Hank Green asked that the community refrain from sharing unsolicited healthcare advice and rallying around him.

“I think that the prognosis for illness is mostly down to good science, good healthcare, good outlook, good attitude and chance,” he said. “Too much of it, much more than we would like to think comes down to chance, and I just feel very grateful to all the people who have spent their careers studying disease and cancer and lymphoma and Hodgkin’s specifically.”