GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — What does it take to put on the most extreme video competitions ever? Try one person from every country taking part in a bevy of games at the most elaborate location created.

All by MrBeast.


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He tabbed his new video as bigger and better than his “Squid Games” video, which took YouTube and social media by storm in November of 2021. It’s fair to say he doesn’t disappoint with this one and continues his recent trend of new viral videos that have captured his fans’ interests over the past month, breaking one record after another for most views.

His newest video has one of his fans from every country on the planet come together in Greenville for the competition. It features those individuals taking part in track, archery, gymnastics, soccer and fencing.

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Only one person can prevail. The prize for the winner was a solid gold medal worth $250,000.

The first round featured players racing to the finish line in a required amount of time. In that round alone, 98 countries were eliminated with 97 advancing. The second round was a gymnastics-based challenge with 50 more countries eliminated.

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The third round featured archery with a twist, making the competition more difficult for some of the countries still alive. For the fourth round, which involved fencing, the countries still alive had the chance to walk away with $10,000. Turns out two of them took that route.

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The final round was not only exciting to watch, but it also involved two countries you might not expect in the soccer final.

So watch the video and judge for yourself if you like it or not.

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A few things of note from this video jump to mind.

People hurt in competition: Back in June, TMZ reported some participants were hurt in an Olympics-style competition in Greenville. Now we know what that was all about.

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— There are already some complaints about MrBeast’s latest video. In his “$1 vs. $250,000 Vacation” video, fans on Reddit pointed out a mistake in the map where Switzerland is supposed to be. In this video, people are upset about Crimea being shown as part of Russia instead of Ukraine. There’s also a complaint about having a representative from Russia in the competition.

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That’s one reason why we can’t have nice things. It’s likely not gonna stop MrBeast’s video from shattering another viral video record.

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