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ELON, N.C. – An Elon University adjunct professor has been dismissed from his job after he allegedly sent inappropriate text messages to students.

Elon Local News reported that Religious Studies professor Hans Arneson was dismissed from the university this semester.

Arneson is accused of sending sexually suggestive messages to junior Amy DeNenno and another inappropriate message to at least one other student.

DeNenno said she was a student in Arneson’s Introduction to the New Testament in the fall. She said the professor started sending her text messages after the two grabbed lunch one day after class.

The texting allegedly turned inappropriate, talking about meeting outside of class and drinking alcohol, even though DeNenno is underage.

DeNenno said going to class became uncomfortable and she even started skipping some classes. She informed university officials about the matter in February.

One text message read, “I wanted to duck into a room with you for a few mins when you left the room for a sec. Just five mins to taste your lips and tease a lil…”

Another student, who chose to remain anonymous, said she received a text from Arneson that read, “You could have joined me in my daily after-class shot in my office!”

Arneson declined to comment when asked by Elon Local News.

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