Effective ways to use security cameras with home break-ins on the rise

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Home break-ins are on the rise in North Carolina and the thieves are getting bolder.

Even outside security cameras are not enough to scare off some criminals. That happened last week during a break-in on Roberson Comer Road in Greensboro where a thief stole the family’s camera.

For some, a doorbell camera is enough but that only captures what’s at your front door. If you’re looking to avoid break-ins, you’ll need cameras inside and outside your home.

Bryant Reeser never used to have security cameras until he began working for a home security company.

“In my house, I have it in the main room, you get the most views so if there was an event, a break-in, you would get a lot of view of that one area,” said Reeser, account representative at CPI Security Systems.

Hearing about all the break-ins in the area influenced him to install cameras in his own house.

“Unfortunately a lot of is reactive. Something has already happened,” Reeser said.

Bryant suggests two or three outside cameras and one or two inside if you’re concerned about someone breaking in.

“We like to hit driveway areas. Backs of houses, sides of houses, doorbell cameras are very popular these days,” Reeser said.

Setting the boundary all depends on the size of your property.

And as criminals become bolder, so does technology.

“It’s a technology world. It’s a phone world. You can do everything from one of your phones,” Reeser said.

You can keep an eye on your home through your phone and even program some security systems to recognize your face.

While there’s never a guarantee that cameras will prevent a break-in, they certainly make it easier to catch or stop a thief.

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