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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Tens of thousands of people enter the coliseum doors during the ACC Tournament, but when they leave the games the money they spend is a boost to the local economy.

More than $25 million is spent during the tournament by visitors and fans according to the Greensboro Visitors Bureau.

Several hotels like the Proximity began booking rooms weeks ago and are now at capacity.

General Manager Tony Villier said preparation for the staff of about 70 deals with servicing out of town visitors.

“Especially for someone who is here for multiple days we’re in essence their home away from home and I don’t just mean our hotel but I really mean our city. They’re here to experience being a part of this community and this community being a part of the tournament experience,” Villier said.

Restaurants like Darryl’s on High Point Road staff an extra 5-7 employees during peak times around the tournament schedule and prep about 10 percent more product in food and drinks.

General Manager Larry Williams said they pride themselves on making relationships with customers to keep them coming back every year.

“This week we’ve had people come in and say “I’m back” and really remember some of our staff or tell us about the good times they had when they were here so you definitely want to make sure you keep those relationships going and put your best foot forward ,” Williams said.

There are more than 500 restaurants and 87 hotels in Greensboro.