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BURLINGTON, N.C. — If you take prescription medicine, chances are you could be getting a far better deal on it.

Stacy Qualls, a hair stylist in Burlington, decided in her 20s to treat her cystic acne that for years had bothered her. The doctor prescribed Accutane. Her cost out of pocket would have been $1,200.

“We’re in the process of building a home, I’ve got my girls. I mean, no one can afford that,” she said. “I can’t imagine.”

Robbin Lee is one of three longtime pharmacists in Burlington who together just opened up their own independent pharmacy, Total Care Pharmacy on Church Street. “We are here because we want to serve our family and friends with the best customer service and help them save as much money as possible.”

He spends just about as much time on the computer, finding drug makers’ coupons for his customers, as he does filling orders. “They’re out there. We know about them because we’re in the industry, but not everyone knows about them.” With Lee’s help, Qualls ended up paying $20 for her $1,200 Accutane.

Lee says finding the coupons is as simple as finding the drug manufacturer’s website. “Just Google the name of the drug, find the website, find the form, fill it out, your coupon card should be mailed to you within a few days and bring it into the pharmacy with you.”

One of Lee’s favorite sites is There you’ll find a compilation of all the available coupons for different drugs. Just click on “patient” and search for your drug.