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EAST BEND, N.C. — East Bend Elementary School will be closed Wednesday and Thursday due to student illnesses, according to Yadkin County Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Martin.

Martin said the school has seen a significant number of students and staff out due to the flu, strep throat and stomach viruses in recent days.

The following email message went out to parents Tuesday evening:

“Good evening. This is Superintendent Todd Martin calling parents of students at East Bend Elementary. I ask that you listen to this message in its entirety. We are seeing a higher than normal level of student sickness in some of our schools because we are in the middle of cold and flu season. However, the number of student absences at East Bend has dramatically increased over the past two days. Today we had almost 130 students and a significant number of staff out due to issues with flu, strep throat, and stomach viruses. We have consulted with health department and medical personnel throughout the day about the issues at East Bend. Based on the numbers of students who are sick, and in consultation with the health department and medical personnel, I have decided to close East Bend Elementary for students for the next two days. By closing, this will allow students who are sick the next two days to recover and it will also prevent students who are not sick from being exposed to those who might be coming down with the flu or strep or a stomach virus.

“The East Bend out of school time program will open on the regular schedule and will remain open throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday. Parents who decide to send their children to out of school time should send a lunch with their children each day.

“I know this will be an inconvenience for some and I am sorry for that. However, we have gone from having approximately 40 students out on Friday to having almost 130 today. I believe that by keeping students at home the next two days this will help prevent those students who are healthy from getting sick and it will allow those who are sick time to recover.

“Again, I apologize for the inconvenience this will cause but feel that this is the best decision under the circumstances. Thank you for listening. Have a good evening.”