Eased restrictions give Triad restaurants, bars a glimmer of hope


GREENSBORO, N.C. — This past weekend’s nice weather was much needed for restaurants and bars that got to operate under eased restrictions for the first time in months.

Gov. Roy Cooper’s latest executive order allowed greater indoor capacity and extended the curfew from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Some restaurants and bars told Fox 8, they saw anywhere from a 30-50 % increase in sales.

While that’s positive, others said they desperately need to operate at full capacity with even longer hours of operation because they’ve had to cut back on staff.

For most, it is a push in the right direction.

“Something is definitely better than nothing,” said Nick Maat, bartender at Little Brother Brewing. “It’s definitely been a rollercoaster.”

For folks in downtown Greensboro, people said you could feel the change.

“We saw more steady flow this weekend and we really like that,” Maat said.

It was major financial boost for them as Maat said they more than doubled their sales from the week before.

“It sucks, but sometimes I was having to turn people away for capacity reasons and whatnot. At one point, there was no place for people to sit here and we didn’t want anybody to feel unsafe,” Maat said.

One nearby bartender told FOX8 they did just as a good Saturday as they would before the pandemic. Others said it was the best night they’ve done since the initial shutdown.

For Little Brother Brewing, this past weekend gives hope for a pandemic-free future.

“We just can’t wait to do live music and get back to what we used to do before the pandemic,” Maat said. “We want to get back to being as open as possible, but we’re not going to rush anything.”

Another thing that could be a real boost for business owners all throughout downtown is Downtown Greensboro Incorporated bringing the open streets program back. That’s where they block off busy streets in the downtown area to traffic to make it more pedestrian-friendly.

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