Duke Energy denies claims from customers after power surge in Greensboro damages appliances

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – On Wednesday, FOX8 worked to find out who is responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage after a power surge in one Greensboro neighborhood.

It happened after a tree on Masonic Drive in Lindley Park came down and took out power to around 2,000 customers on Friday.

When two lines came into contact, Duke Energy says a handful of people experienced an increase in voltage.

Sharon Ridge says a power strip surge protector caught fire in her home.

“I still tear up thinking we could’ve lost our home to a fire but we are blessed,” Ridge said.

The surge also damaged her other power strips, TV and dishwater.

On Wednesday, a Duke Energy spokesperson said it is denying claims made by customers through a third-party administrator because what happened was out of its control.

People FOX8 spoke with aren’t satisfied with that response.

“It’s not like it was a natural disaster like flooding that comes in or lightning that struck my house, it didn’t,” said Kathy Mabe. “It affected Duke Energy’s equipment and their equipment damaged my items so I feel like they need to responsible.”

Mabe said the power surge fried her dishwasher control panel.

“I think they should cover those damages,” Mabe said.

Laura Bell says she spent $1,000 fixing her air conditioning.

“It’s a fairly new unit and we are trying to do some other stuff in the house and it’s not something we were anticipating,” Bell said.

Duke Energy recommends customers contact their insurance providers and look into its surge protection plans.

FOX8 asked the City of Greensboro if it could have done something to prevent the tree on its property from falling. We were told that, to their knowledge, it was healthy and there were no work orders on it.

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