Driving safety tips for rainy weather

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When dark skies roll in across the Piedmont, Greensboro Police Officer Douglas Campbell knows a flood of trouble could be heading his way.

“When the rain comes, all the police officers say, ‘There will be a bunch of wrecks coming up shortly.'”

Campbell urges drivers to slow down and keep a safe traveling distance.

“On a slick road, try to have a lot of space all around you. Other drivers might skid and slide, and if you are far away from them, they won’t be sliding into you,” Campbell said.

Campbell also suggests turning on your headlights, not your hazards, so other drivers can see you.

“People going 10 mph with their hazards on, that’s not going to help you see any better or slow down any faster,” he said.

His number one tip is for driver’s to just slow down.

“Most wrecks are either, ‘I couldn’t see them, or I couldn’t stop in time to avoid hitting them,'” Campbell said.

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