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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Drivers described a scary night in Greensboro to FOX8 crews.

On April 16, several people say a bicyclist was weaving in and out of traffic and reportedly harassing them.

“It was scary, it was scary,” Marissa Irwin said.

She and her husband managed to swerve around the cyclist on New Garden Road around 9:30 p.m.

“I was like this guy is either going to get himself killed or hurt somebody else,” Irwin said.

She said drivers up and down New Garden Road were slamming on their brakes because the bicyclist was trying to block traffic and was yelling at people in their cars.

“I actually almost got into a wreck trying to get around him,” Irwin said. “He was lunging at windows and turning his bike sideways to block traffic.”

Irwin pulled up to the Speedway on Friendly Avenue and the man showed up there too.

“He was just kind of staggering around,” she said.

Irwin and her husband were not hurt.

On social media, they later found posts reporting that the bicyclist was also driving around nearby neighborhoods, allegedly harassing other drivers.

“She says, ‘guy trying to hit drivers’ windows on Fleming,'” Irwin said, reading one post. “He was also yelling at drivers, as he parked his bike sideways in the road, trying to block people. I saw that too.”

She hopes he doesn’t bother people again.

A Greensboro police spokesperson told FOX8 they only received one report of the bicyclist.

They did dispatch officers to the area, but were unable to find the man.