Driver complains of towing fees after abandoning car on highway

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DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) — A Durham woman who abandoned her car during the winter storm Wednesday says a towing company is ripping her off and overcharging for removing her vehicle.

She said the company wants $200.

According to WTVD, Joyce Stevenson wants drivers of other abandoned cars to learn from her recent experience — remove your car yourself before law enforcement makes the call for you.

Highways littered with abandoned cars were a sign drivers were desperate.

So imagine their relief when they heard Gov. Pat McCrory say,” vehicles will be left in place unless they’re blocking the road. If so, they will be towed.”

“This just seems like highway robbery,” Stevenson said.

What Stevenson means is that state leaders neglected to say how much that tow would cost.

Since her car was blocking the roadway, law enforcement requested the tow.

However, what Stevenson did not know is most law enforcement agencies already have a prearranged rate agreement with local tow companies, some even more expensive than she will have to pay.

Stevenson said she felt like it was a scam.

WTVD spoke to the tow company who denied the claim.

Given where her car was located and the inclement weather, they say she could have been charged the same fee had she called herself.

Stevenson says she thinks the tow should be free with local or state government picking up the tab due to the “state of emergency.”

Source: WTVD

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