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MOCKSVILLE, N.C. — The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center is working out of its new building.

The new facility will allow the agency to better streamline service to help abused children and their families move toward healing.

“When they walk in the door, it is so important to make them feel at ease and comfortable and not intimidated,” Executive Director Brandi Reagan said.

When the agency was in its previous location on East Lexington Road in Mocksville, Reagan says the staff had to adapt the services to fit the facility.

Now on Valley Road, the same mission continues, where every detail of the building serves a purpose.

“When we were given the chance to build around the children, to build a facility that could meet every single need that we have, it has made a world of difference,” Reagan said.

In the new building, instead of one forensic interview room, there are two.

One is for smaller children and the other is for adolescents and teens.

The rooms are equipped with cameras allowing law enforcement representatives and other personnel to watch and take notes from a nearby room.

This helps eliminate a situation where the victim must talk about the trauma multiple times.

Another change is that there are separate entrances and waiting rooms for individuals going through crisis and clients returning for therapy.

This was done to maintain confidentiality.

Davie Construction Company built the facility.

“To be able to create a facility where they can feel comfortable to tell their story and stop what’s going on in their lives is extremely gratifying for us,” President and CEO Carl Carney said.

Davie Construction is sponsoring a fundraiser for an electronic sign.

“The electronic sign is going to really help us raise more awareness about what we do,” Reagan said. “We can put up messages of child abuse prevention, and tips, and statistics, and information, so that people driving by can read those.”

“We felt like this is something that could give back for years and years in the future,” Carney said.

The Dragonfly House serves families in Davie and Davidson counties.

Last fiscal year, it helped 367 children.