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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – There is controversy surrounding a candidate running for Mr. Winston-Salem State University.

Aaron McCorkle is a junior and he’s openly gay.

Last week pictures of McCorkle dressed in drag were leaked online and now he’s getting a lot of backlash from them. Some tweets from 102 JAMZ DJ Brian “B-Daht” McLaughlin are some of the most talked about backlash.

tweetsOne of DJ B-Daht’s tweets read, “Y’all really letting a dude that goes in drag, run for Mr. Ram? Have Y’all lost Y’all minds, man?!”

DJ B-Daht is also a sports announcer at WSSU. Another tweet read, “I will relieve myself of my PA duties if a drag queen is appointed the position of Mr. WSSU. I won’t be affiliated. No way.”

Aaron says he has read all the tweets.

“[They are] hurtful, discouraging, vicious,” he said. “I would say it was ignorant as well. I feel the things that were said, it really hurt me to think that we have a WSSU alum going against a student running for a position that can also represent his university. It kind of hurt me.

FOX8 did reach out to DJ B-Daht. He respectfully declined our interview.

WSSU released a statement saying they don’t condone anything that McLaughlin has said and they are disappointed in the situation.

Mr. WSSU will be named on Wednesday.