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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Protests last summer shook up the nation and the Triangle.

“Looking back, we learned a lot and some changes came forward,” said Sgt. Jeremy Glass with the Fayetteville Police Department.

Along with the demonstrations came destruction.

“We experienced a large amount of unrest, some illegal activities, of course, they broke into many businesses,” said Glass.

Business owners reported hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of losses, including more than 160 firearms stolen in Fayetteville.

Surveillance video shows looters hauling them out of stores.

“It’s scary to think where these guns are ending up and what kind of crimes they could be involved in,” said Glass.

Ultimately, Money Quick Pawn reported five guns stolen, Academy Sports reported 37, Walmart reported 16, and Ace Pawn Shop reported 105 guns stolen.

A total of 163 firearms were reported stolen in one night in Fayetteville.

“It is a striking number. Just because they are weapons, and we know what weapons can do,” said Glass.

Glass said they’ll find stolen weapons used in other crimes, during traffic stops, or turned in by citizens.

“They don’t just stay in Fayetteville, a lot of times we have to recover weapons in other states.”

They’ve put resources toward recovering them and are offering rewards along with the feds.
“We may never recover some of these weapons.”

At the beginning of February, they’d recovered 24 of them, which is about 15 percent.

A 2018 study by a Duke University researcher shows just 20 percent of guns reported stolen get recovered.

“It’s very unfortunate, shocking and like I said, we’re just trying to push as much resources as we can to track those guns down,” said Sgt. Glass.