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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A proposal for a downtown ballpark in High Point was announced at the annual High Point Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Luncheon Tuesday.

Peter Freeman, with Freeman Kennett Architecture, helped announce the specifics of the ballpark in addition to the ongoing master plan of downtown revitalization.

“It’s an area that’s adjacent to the Washington Street neighborhood and gives us a real opportunity to galvanize not only the core city downtown but the Washington Street neighborhood as well as High Point University,” Freeman said.

The ballpark would act as a mixed use multipurpose facility to allow opportunity for other sports like soccer, field hockey and lacrosse.

President of HiToms Baseball Greg Suire has been instrumental in the planning and brainstorming of the stadium that would seat up to 3,500 fans.

Suire said the baseball team would not leave Finch Field in Thomasville. The two facilities would better serve the expansion of the HiToms programs and camps.

“We’re going to keep that relationship; we just feel like right now going forward we may be able to make more of an impact in new downtown ballpark,” Suire said. “If you look at these multipurpose facilities in our state, all of these facilities are on the outskirts of town. So we’re going to basically do a 180 and bring it into to town and bring people into our core and redevelop our communities not build a new one.”

Freeman mentioned the success of Charlotte, Durham and Winston-Salem in being able to build around their ballparks and add business in retail and housing.

The ballpark proposal is still in the earlier stages but Suire mentioned the project is independent, not dependent on the city.