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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Downtown business owner Jennifer Graf found a unique solution to the dilapidated building next to her store, Vintage to Vogue Boutique: A mural.

“An image of a thriving city and not one that’s not succeeding,” Graf said.

Graf’s friend Stephen Holding is a well-known artist in New York City based out of Brooklyn with corporate clients such as Reebok, IBM and most recently Nike.

As a downtown business owner and resident, Graf brought he idea to spruce up the vacant building next door to Downtown Greensboro, Inc. and the Downtown Residents Association.

“I reached out to DGI and they were definitely on board with this concept painting a window and making it beautiful that was once an eye sore,” Graf said.

The mural covers the window from of the former Rumba Latina on Davie Street and will be complete in time for the National Folk Festival.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to reinvigorate the block a little bit and kind of get some light and energy,” said Holding.

The project “Illuminary” is expected to be complete Saturday.

The amount of the beautification grant to bring Holding to Greensboro has not been released.