Don’t dig holes on the beach, Myrtle Beach-area fire department warns

(Midway Fire Rescue)

(Midway Fire Rescue)

PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. — A South Carolina fire department is warning about the dangers of digging holes on beaches.

Midway Fire Rescue said over the past few years there have been incidents where holes that have been dug in the sand have suddenly collapsed on the people inside. In some cases, these incidents have been fatal.

Once a hole in the sand gets more than a few feet deep, the walls of the hole can easily cave in on people inside, the fire department said.

There is also the risk of injuring people walking or running down the beach.

“Don’t let a hole that you have dug cause a twisted ankle or worse,” the fire department said.

Holes dug in the beach can be obstacles for law enforcement and emergency response vehicle.

Lastly, the fire department warned about the impact holes have on sea turtles.

“Turtles use the beaches to create nests and having holes left in the sand can and will trap large and small turtles,” the fire department said.

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