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MESA, Ariz. — From hosting a campaign rally for Donald Trump to saving someone’s life — it’s all in a day’s work for Donald Trump Jr.

A video posted by Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Tyler Bowyer on Facebook showed the whole experience.

“We were on our way from a rally to another event and Donald Trump Jr. hopped out first to help push this lady’s car off the road, get some water and call for help,” said Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Tyler Bowyer’s Facebook post. “Needless to say, she was pretty surprised to find out it was Donald Trump Jr. pushing her car.”

“I will never forget this and it’s why I’m proud to be supporting this family! #MAGA,” he concluded.

The Arizona Republic reports Donald Trump Jr.’s team gave the woman water so she wouldn’t get dehydrated and waited with her for help to arrive.

“This was a real act of service that he just naturally did,” Bowyer said. “Politics was on the back end of it. The front end of this was being a good neighbor, being a good American. I was 101 degrees outside, for crying out loud.”

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