Dogs attack, kill dozens of animals in Randolph County

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — A Randolph County woman is devastated after her neighbors’ dogs attacked her animals, killing dozens of them. On top of that grief, she is angry the dogs owners aren’t facing a stricter punishment.

On Monday, several dogs got into her backyard. Today, all that is left is feathers scattered, cages toppled and a few lone survivors.

The homeowner did not want to go on camera and wanted to remain anonymous because she hopes to work things out with her neighbor.

As she fought back tears, she told us more than 20 chickens, seven ducks and three goats are buried in a mass grave in her yard.

Three separate people, next door, own the dogs. Animal control gave each a $100 citation for a “run at large nuisance.” One person also got a rabies vaccination citation.

Wesley Vann, the manger for animal control, says there is only so much they can do if something like this happens to your animals. A warning will likely be given if a neighbor’s dog gets out. If the animal causes damage, they will probably get a citation. If animal control deems the dog dangerous, the owner will have to follow a new set of rules.

“Could be a different type of enclosure or could be a different type of way that enclosure is set up,” Vann said. “Little stiffer penalties if the animal was to leave the property and different rules if it is off the property.”

Animal control is still trying to figure out if that needs to be the case in this attack. Either way, they can’t help with the losses.

“We can’t get them money for their animals,” Vann said. “There’s always options for the folks, for them to go civilly against someone. We are not lawyers; we don’t know anything like that. It would be up to those folks to determine the best route for them.”

Vann said animal control works to educate people to understand they are responsible for their animals if they get off the property and something goes wrong.

He said people need to pay attention to where their animals are at, make sure the enclosure they are in is good enough to keep them in and if they are using an electronic leash, make sure the batteries are working.

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