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UNION COUNTY, N.C. FOX 46) – The dog that violently attacked a carriage horse and driver over Easter weekend was adopted out by CMPD, FOX 46 has confirmed.

The attack was caught on video and posted to YouTube. It shows a dog repeatedly attacking a carriage horse at Cane Creek Park as kids screamed in the background. The carriage driver suffered serious injuries and will need to have surgery. The dog broke loose from its leash, the horse’s owner said, and had to be put down.

The dog was a five-year-old white neutered American Bulldog and was adopted from CMPD Animal Care and Control in 2019. At the time, CMPD noted that the dog had a “tendency to pull on the leash but he will slow down with gentle pressure.” The dog was vaccinated and a health check did not indicate there was any behavior problems, CMPD said.

The dog was adopted in 2019 at an event at South Park Mall. A person who fostered the dog noted that it was “friendly with people and children, loves walks and car rides” but “will pull after cats on his walk.”

It is unclear why the dog attacked the horse, Queen Charlotte, who suffered 15 bite marks in the brutal incident.

“The incident that occurred at Cane Creek Park over the weekend is very tragic and unfortunate situation for all parties involved,” said CMPD Animal Care and Control spokesperson Melissa Knicely.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.