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This YouTube video of a Labrador Retriever named Sasha kissing a fish while swimming and playing with it has gone viral. And the fish keeps coming back for more kisses.

YouTube description:

“Spectacular footage of a Labrador Retriever (Sasha) swimming with, eating with, & then kissing a fish. Our dog, Sasha, took a break from playing fetch to befriend a carp at Lake Mead in Las Vegas Nevada. What ensues is a 2 minute frolicking as Sasha & Carp say hello, swim together, eat together, & finally meet nose to nose in a touching video of 2 unlikely friends. The carp actually makes it a point to return and play with Sasha.Dog Swims With Fish
Like if you love the dog and fish, but hate the narrator.
(If this video reaches 50,000 Likes, I’ll personally post an apology video for the awful narration, lack of vocabulary, & also for calling this beautiful fish dumb)”