Doctors warn of viruses spreading around Piedmont Triad

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — “My nose is stuffy, and I have some fluid in my ears,” said Hinson Wilson, who was just diagnosed with an acute upper respiratory infection at Triad Urgent Care.

It’s not the way you want to be feeling during the summer. These infections can spread easily for kids like Hinson.

“My sister got it from a friend and I got it from her,” Hinson said.

“Currently we’re seeing a lot of respiratory illnesses, which are not influenza, but other types of viruses,” said Dr. Brian Opitz with Triad Urgent Care.

Dr. Opitz says almost half the people coming in have similar symptoms to Hinson’s.

“Infections are spread person to person, and so when you do have people getting sick and they’re in close contact with others, like school or work, then you do see groups of people come in with similar infections,” Dr. Opitz said.

Symptoms like fever or trouble breathing, and as bad as vomiting in some severe cases, can be particularly dangerous for kids with asthma or the elderly.

“With a mild infection, sometimes you can just wait it out and take kind of precautionary measures,” Dr. Opitz said.

Doctors say one of the best ways to prevent getting this kind of a virus is washing your hands and avoid other people with flu like symptoms. Dr. Opitz says daily exercise is a good way to beat the bug.

But for Hinson, he has a different plan to stay healthy.

“I’ll stay away from my sister,” Hinson said with a chuckle.

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