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GREENSBORO, N.C. – FOX8 captured the moment a Piedmont Triad man picked up his long lost second cousin from PTI airport Saturday.

John Sullivan, who lives near Walnut Cove, says his grandmother got separated from her sister when they arrived in Canada after leaving England in 1905.

They never found each other.

“It’s really sad,” Sullivan said.

Last year, Sullivan’s wife bought him an DNA kit as a gift.

“It said ‘You have a cousin in Canada,'” Sullivan said.  “‘Would you like to send them a note?’ so I did,.”

After reconnecting online, Sullivan’s second cousin, Gordon Brook, and Brook’s daughter came here from Canada to visit.

“115 years later, we get to see our second cousin,” Sullivan said. “It is really exciting.”

“A lot to talk about,” Brook said. “A lot to eat. A lot to drink.”

The newly found second cousins have a lot to catching up to do.

The Canadian family will be in town until Wednesday. Right now, most of their plans revolve around eating things like barbeque ribs and hamburgers.

John recommends DNA test kits to anyone looking to track down family or learn more about their history.

“There are probably a lot of people that are in my situation that really don’t know how to go about it,” Sullivan said. “It’s really easy. You spit in the test tube and they do the rest.”