Disturbing trend of illegal deer carcass dumping in Davidson County

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Illegal dumping is a problem in Davidson County currently but what’s being dumped isn’t trash.

It’s deer carcasses.

It’s a problem officers with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission say has become a disturbing trend recently.

Glenn James leases the land where a deer carcass was dumped on the side of Callahan Hill Road in Lexington about a week ago.

“The hind quarters and the antlers were cut off,” James said. “It is an eyesore.”

James says the eyesore not only looks and smells bad but has attracted other insects and animals.

“Coyotes, dogs, cats, possums, all kinds of animals come and eat on the carcass,” James said.

Wildlife law enforcement officer Branden Jones says since last week — the start of deer archery season– he’s already had three reports of illegal dumping.

He says that’s a lot for the start of the season.

“It’s just not a very pleasant sight,” Jones said. “And the odor is very strong.”

He says it can also be dangerous to drivers or people with pets.

“People will call and say, ‘My dog drug a deer carcass into the yard’,” Jones said.

Jones says last year, the county saw one of its largest cases after six deer carcasses were dumped near Highway 49 and Highway 8.

“It’s just very unsightly,” Jones said.

Jones says deer hunters have three options to legally get rid of carcasses: Bury them, take them to a landfill or get permission from a property owner to dump them.

James hopes hunters will take those options seriously.

“Have some respect for the people that live in a residential area,” James said.

Officials say anyone charged with illegal dumping will face a $250 fine plus court costs.

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