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(NEXSTAR) – Disneyland Resort’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts were compromised on Thursday morning by a hacker who uploaded racist, homophobic content to both pages.

At least four different posts were uploaded to Disneyland’s Instagram page before being removed by Disneyland officials, according to screenshots shared to Twitter. Several of the posts also contained photos of the same individual, though it’s unknown if the person in the images is responsible for Thursday morning’s hack.

In the posts, the alleged “super hacker” claimed to be taking “revenge upon Disney land [sic],” and used racist and homophobic slurs aimed at Disney employees.

In another, the hacker wrote that he was working to develop “Covid20” and warned Disneyland to “hide before I release this new deadly virus.”

Disneyland Resort’s social-media team removed the posts early on Thursday, shortly after they were published.

“Disneyland Resort’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were compromised early this morning,” a Disneyland official said in a statement shared with Nexstar on Thursday. “We worked quickly to remove the reprehensible content, secure our accounts, and our security teams are conducting an investigation.”