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DENTON, N.C. — On Saturday, close to 200 people showed up in Denton to search for 14-year-old Savannah Childress, who was found in Arkansas on Sunday.

Pennsylvania State Police have been looking for William Ice, 38, who is accused of kidnapping Savannah and reportedly died after an officer-involved shooting.

Kandi Bremer, a friend of the Childress family, said the family exhausted every lead before she was found.

An online search turned to boots on the ground Saturday morning. 

“We’ve got the ATVs, and we’ve got the walkers. They’re really just spanning out to look for any and every clue possible.” Bremer said.

Savannah’s family last saw her on Feb. 11, and an Amber Alert that has since been canceled was issued.

A group called Reddy Foxx Nomads combined their efforts with those of the community with the hope of finding the girl now being called “Denton’s Child.” 

“We are a child protection group, anti abuse. We do the best we can to try and help the community and stuff like that,” said DK, a representative of Reddy Foxx Nomads. “We are aiming to search a three-mile radius of this area here.”

More than 100 people from across the Triad and beyond gathered near Denton Wesleyan Church to search for Savannah.

“We just want our little girl back, you know?” said Michael Childress, one of Savannah’s parents.

The group, along with community members, created a fund for the family’s bills because they took time off work to search.