Demolition crews start work on oldest public housing community in High Point


HIGH POINT, N.C. — Demolition crews started work on the oldest public housing community in High Point on Monday. 

The Daniel Brooks Homes community was built in 1942 and a place countless families called home. 

“It’s going to be totally different to me now,” said Rosa Pate, who lives near the Daniel Brooks Homes community.

Pate watched as the buildings came down on Cedar Street.

“Coming out of my house and looking over there and not seeing any families, any kids or anything anymore,” she said.

Families who lived in the community were relocated to other public or private housing complexes.

Over time the building conditions started to deteriorate and crime increased. In 2019, the High Point Housing Authority presented a re-development plan which is now in motion. City officials told FOX8 it will help meet the need for safe, sanitary and affordable housing. 

“I got kind of teary eyed just to see it because for 26 years I’ve seen those homes,” Pate said. “Now I can only see a bunch of debris and all.” 

Crews plan to demolish the more than 200 houses by the end of the summer. 

She cherishes many memories in the community including children riding bicycles.

“It was always noisy. And when the noise when away, it actually bothered me because I had actually gotten used to the kids in the neighborhood,” she said. 

Pate told FOX8 that over time, instead of hearing children laughing and playing, the sound of gunshots filled the neighborhood.

“In the middle of the night, four and five o’clock in the morning, and you would wake up to gunfire,” she said. “I mean shots fired constantly.” 

The High Point Housing Authority is on track to turn Daniel Brooks Homes and adjacent properties into 264 mixed-income rental units by 2025.

It’s a $43 million dollar project including a $6.5 million dollar housing bond from the city. 

“I’m glad to see progress being made and new homes being built,” Pate said. “That’s something we really truly need here in High Point.” 

When the development is complete Pate said she will be the first to welcome her new neighbors.

“I just hope and pray that whomever moves into the homes I get to meet them and know them like I did the neighbors in the past,” Pate said.

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