Debunking the ‘geo-engineered snow’ rumor floating around social media

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Rumors are floating around on social media that the recent snow that fell across the Southeast was “geo-engineered,” primarily because videos surfaced online that show the snow not melting when exposed to a lighter.

“There is some sort of geo-engineering going on across the nation, and around the world,” one person claims.

We received multiple e-mails and messages about the rumor. Our sister station WTVR went to work to debunk the theory and explain why the videos show the snow turning black and not melting.

WTVR Meteorologist Mike Stone explains in the video how the heat applied to the snowball is making the snow vaporize. The snow is disappearing and not melting. According to Stone, this is known as sublimation, and the US Geologic Survey defines it as “the conversion between the solid and the gaseous phases of matter, with no intermediate liquid stage.”

The black marks on the snow are caused by the butane in the lighter that is released when the flame is held close to the snow. If you dropped the snow in a saucepan, the snow would melt.

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