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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. — A Denton woman and her search and rescue dog found the body of a missing boy in Horry County, S.C., Friday.

Roxey Marshall and her dog Dina were called in to help with the search for Jayden Morrison, 4, who disappeared from his grandmother’s home near Myrtle Beach Wednesday.

Marshall has been a search and rescue volunteer for 15 years.

She said the job is exhaustive and heart wrenching.

“There’s a lot riding on what the dog does because if the dog alerts then you end up with a diver in the water then you’re risking another person’s safety,” said Marshall.

Even though the day could be seen as a success, there are no treats for Dina for a job well done until the pair return home.

“You can’t be happy about it because it’s a situation you don’t even want to be in to begin with,” said Marshall. “You’re not happy about it, you’re just glad to help bring [the family] closure.”

Marshall is a volunteer with the Thomasville Rescue Squad.